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Rack-A-Holic Protein Feed

Grow 'em Bigger, Grow 'em faster, Grow 'em healthier!

      - Rack 16 16% Protein
      - Rack 18 18% Protein
Spring / Summer Blend
      - Rack 24 24% Protein
Fall / Winter Blend Texture
      - Rack Tex 18 18% Protein
Available in 40# Bags & Bulk

Rack 16         $25.99     40# bag

Rack 18         $26.49     40# bag

Rack 24         $29.99     40# bag

Rack Tex 18   $27.99     40# bag

Rack Minerals $31.99     25# bag
(Call or email us for bulk pricing)



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Alternate View

Rack-A-Holic Protein Feeders

Grow 'em Bigger, Grow 'em faster, Grow 'em healthier!

  • • All steel construction

  • • Octagon shape hopper

  • • Easy to fill

  • • Large hopper (400-500) #'s

  • • Large feed tray's / with slotted drain holes

  • • Sight glass, reducing human scent at the feeder

  • • Adjustable flow gates / Allowing for complete feed control

  • • Hinged lid with side handle

  • • Light weight

  • • Easy to assemble

  • • Easy to relocate

  • • Available in 50# bags and bulk


MSRP: $549.99


Back Seat Gun Sling

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Back Seat Gun Sling


Save Space...Store More!

The Back Seat Gun Sling is great way to transport your guns to and from the hunt. Trophy Hunting Products is the only company on the market that has a sling that holds 3 guns with or without scopes and has 6 pockets for your hunting accessories. It fits all bucket or bench style seats. Like our Back Seat Bow Sling, the Back Seat Gun Sling is also made of codura material. This product is neoprene free!!!


Never insert a loaded weapon. Always confirm your weapon is unloaded prior to storage.




MSRP: $29.99

Back Seat Bow Sling


Back Seat Bow Sling



Storage WITH your quiver! 

The Back Seat Bow Sling is simply amazing at how easy you can transport your bow to and from the hunt without losing any space in your vehicle, no more need for a big bulky case taking up all that valuable space. It has a large pocket for storing your bow hunting accessories: release aid, cover-up scents, call , etc. You don't even need to remove your quiver and arrows. It is simple to install and use and takes only seconds to put your bow in and go hunt. Fits any bucket or console style seat with a headrest, fixed or adjustable. A bow hunters new best friend. Made of heavy duty codura material, the same type of material that hunting boots are made of, built to last a long time. This product is neoprene free!!!


Never insert a loaded weapon. Always confirm your weapon is unloaded prior to storage.




MSRP: $29.99

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Back Seat Bow Case


Alternate View

Alternate View

Back Seat Bow Case


Put your bow in a case without losing any space!


Features include:

• Attaches to the back of vehicle seat (bucket or console)

• 2 heavy duty nylon straps that attach around headrest & around the base of seat

• Seat straps tuck away nicely into a zip up pocket when not in use

• Double slide zipper on the outside that can be locked with a small pad lock (not included)

• Heavy duty Velcro straps that can be attached to bow eliminating any movement

• Easy to remove and install

• Save a ton of space and seating

• Does not have to be removed to access your bow or equipment

• Fits any adjustable or fixed position headrest.

• Comes with a plastic case to store your bow accessories,  Broadheads, field tips, allen wrenches , string wax , Etc

• Fits left or right-handed bows


Attaches easily to most ATV racks and is water resistant!


MSRP: $129.99

Game Catcher Pro Series Camera Stand



Game Catcher Pro Series Camera Stand



No limits to where you mount your camera! 

The Game Catcher Pro Series Camera Stand is the ultimate match for the trail camera. Take your scouting to the next level. No more looking for the right tree, now you can place your trail camera anywhere you desire, game trails, fields, food plots and clear cuts. Allows you to conceal your camera in the bushes and not in plain site on a tree. It is simple to set up and relocate. Camera is held securely in place while transporting to a new location.


Features Include:

• 100% powder coated

• Adjustable height 24" to 48"

• 360 Degree rotation

• Pivoting camera plate

• Light weight

• Easy to assemble

• Set up in seconds

• Fits all trail cameras

• Can hold two (2) cameras with additional camera plate (sold separately).


MSRP: $44.99




Pro Series Camera Plate



One stand for two cams! 

The Game Catcher camera stand, has the capability to mount 2 cameras on it at the same time facing 180 degrees from each other, allowing you to watch in two different directions on a food plot , field or game trail. Now you can watch two incoming trails on a food plot with just one camera stand.


Additional Features of Our Camera Stands:

• Has 2 slotted holes on each side of the camera plate

• With the slotted hole you can put a cable or chain and lock on it and lock it to a tree, helping to secure the camera stand and helping deter theft

• Comes with an extra heavy duty bungee cord with a barrel slide on it

• Does not require any extra hole to be drilled in it

• Ready to go! Just place your camera on the plate and pull the bungee cord and it is done!!!


MSRP: $15.99

So, the next time you are ready to go hunting, let Trophy Hunting Products help protect your valuable investment, and save you a ton of room in your vehicle all at the same time.

* Check Federal and State laws to be sure these products are legal in your state. *